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Hello, and greetings. I am now pleased to be back living and working in Portland, Oregon @ Infinity tattoo.

I began my professional career as a tattoo artist in 1995 in the United states and have spent the last decade working in Portland, Oregon in the Pacific North West focusing specifically on the art forms of indigenous cultures. My passion is the ancient art of Polynesian tattooing and I have a keen interest in North and South Native American cultures also.

In 2011 I made the decision to answer a life long desire to explore the Americas in hope to further my own art and enrich my life. I sold my house, tattoo studio, and most belongings and took to the road. After 9 months of backpacking from Mexico to the Amazon I knew I wanted to live in this region and I returned to Peru, bringing the most modern and sterile equipment with me to practice my craft of tattoo.

I have enjoyed being closer to cultures that influence my art as well as drawing inspiration from seeing the talented artisans of the region work. In my own art my passion lays in working primarily with black ink and the bodies natural curves and lines. The wearer and ink fuse together as an active parts of the design as a whole. All my designs are custom drawn, made for each client and never to be repeated again.

23rd January 2013

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Crashed out party dog. 

Crashed out party dog. 

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